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Nobody likes wasting time navigating corporate websites. Especially busy Amazon sellers. It is for this reason that we have created this page. A short, 60 second summary of everything you need to know about Thrasio, with all the fluff taken out.

Thrasio at a glance

The Original Gangster. Boston-based Thrasio is the oldest, most established, and highest funded Amazon Aggregator in the public domain. They have acquired over 100 brands in less than 3 years and continue to make waves in the US, UK and EU.

The headline facts

Thrasio was founded in 2018 and, according to various reports, became profitable from the offset. The company now employs around 700 people worldwide, with dedicated Amazon FBA teams in more than 10 countries.

Product categories include automotive, baby, electronics, kitchen, exercise equipment, home & decor, musical instruments, outdoor gear, personal care, pet, toys, crafts and games, and beauty.

Some of the brands Thrasio has acquired and scaled include Angry Orange Odor Eliminator (acquired in November 2018, scaled from $2.1m to $21.4m in sales), Beast Gear (acquired in October 2019, scaled from $3.9m to $5.7m) and Becky Cameron Bedding Collection (acquired in March 202 and scaled from $29.3m to $67.5m).

In 2021, Thrasio’s revenues hit $1.4bn with 2022 revenues forecasted to surpass $3bn. The group raised a pre-IPO round in the summer of 2021 and is expecting to go public in 9-12 months from then. Having raised over $3.4bn, Thrasio’s latest valuation is $5-10bn with the aim to at least double that by the time of the listing.

  • Total capital raised

  • Equity Investors

    Advent International, Silver Lake, Solamere Capital, Harlan Capital Partners, RiverPark Ventures, PEAK6 Investments, Jawes Ventures and Western Technology
  • Debt

    Morgan Stanley Credit Partners, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Credit Suisse Loan Funding, Monroe Capital, RBC Capital Markets, Barclays, BlackRock, BofA, JP Morgan, Oaktree Capital, Upper 90 and UBS

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