Selling To Aggregators

Selling To Amazon Aggregators: One Year On

And so, here we are. A full 12 months have passed since we closed on the sale of our Amazon FBA businesses....

Rank On Amazon

How To Rank On Amazon in 2022

If you take a closer look 'under the hood' of Andy Jassy's short time at the helm of Amazon, two subtle shifts...

Ecommerce Aggregators

Amazon Aggregators vs Ecommerce Aggregators (And The Value Of DTC)

On the face of it, Amazon aggregators and ecommerce aggregators look like the same thing. Except for one crucial difference.

Amazon Business

How To Sell Your Amazon Business, With Confidence

Over the past couple of weeks, Richard and I have spent time at the sharp end of some of the biggest transactions...

Amazon Aggregators

Amazon Aggregators ARE Still Buying (Breaking News)

I've lost count of the number of articles that I've read recently that state, categorically, that the FBA aggregator 'bubble' has burst.

Amazon Business

Do You Want To Sell Your Amazon Business? Don’t Make This Mistake.

If you want to sell your Amazon business in 2022 and, more importantly, achieve the maximum valuation, focus on this one thing...

Seller Sessions Live

Richard Is Off To Seller Sessions Live 2022. Are You?

For a weekend of keynote speeches, 'ninja' marketing strategies and - of course - the odd brewski (or two).

White Label World Expo

Meet The Aggregators (At White Label World Expo, USA)

As April draws to a close, Amazon sellers can look forward to something special next month.

Amazon FBA Sellers

Amazon USA Hikes FBA Fees (And Sellers Are Not Happy)

It's getting a little heated in the Amazon Seller Forums this morning. A quick glance at the US Announcements section makes for...

Amazon FBA Success Story

A Discharged Israeli Soldier’s $20M Amazon FBA Success Story

Y's story is the definition of how purpose, work ethic and perseverance can reap rewards: from humble beginnings to a $20M exit.

Amazon Aggregators Guide

Amazon Aggregators Guide (For FBA Sellers)

For all those FBA sellers out there who want the salient facts about Amazon Aggregators, without wasting hours of time searching for...

Amazon FBA

Pay-to-Play FBA: How Amazon Became an Inorganic Jungle

Research: more red flags raised over Amazon Retail's profitability. They beg the question: is it Prime time to sell your Amazon FBA...

Due Diligence

Amazon Aggregators, IP and The Importance of Due Diligence

Intellectual Property registration does more than trademark brands. It shows passion on the Amazon FBA seller's part, a commodity you shouldn't underestimate.


Is Thrasio Eyeing UK-Based £1M+ Amazon FBA Sellers?

Think you know the £1M+/year Amazon business categories? Thrasio's findings change perceptions of what's hot/what's not in the eyes of ecommerce aggregators.

Shopping App

A New Dawn: How 3 Eastern Shopping Apps Have Eclipsed Amazon

Shopee, Shein and Meesho leapfrog Amazon in global shopping app downloads (2021). Amazon drop 12% in just one year. Can they rebound...

EPR Compliance

EPR Compliance Set to Make Amazon Business More Taxing

How far will you go to 'go green'? What if being eco-friendly impacts your bottom line? Introducing Extended Producer Responsibility for Amazon...

Amazon FBA

Double Bubble: The Growth of Amazon FBA Business Valuations

How was 2021 for you and your Amazon FBA business? Can you relax now Christmas is done? Or is it time to...


Options market: roll-up diversification with Opontia

With multiple USPs, Opontia offers a different type of buy-out for Amazon FBA business owners. Location, model, market: it's a new take...

Amazon FBA Aggregators

Amazon FBA aggregators amass $13bn in 2 years

How have Amazon aggregators gone from raising zip to $13bn in just 2 years? Amazon FBA vendors want to sell; investors want...

Raunak Nirmal

Business is Booming: Prosperous Sikh’s Amazon Success Story

Raunak Nirmal bags a well-deserved place on Forbes 30 Under 30 list.


Gravitiq Push to Upscale Amazon Medical Brands

Having recently secured funding of 55 million dollars, Gravitiq is following in the footsteps of aggregators buying Amazon brands and scaling them...


Amazon Aggregators Accumulate Over $12 billion in Just a Year

When you consider this industry barely existed 18 months ago, to say Amazon Aggregators are doing well would be an understatement.


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