Gravitiq Push to Upscale Amazon Medical Brands


Gravitiq has entered the Amazon aggregators space after a generous sum of upfront funding. 

If you haven’t heard of Gravitiq before, let us introduce you to the company from London. Having recently secured funding (some equity, some debt) of 55 million dollars, it follows in the footsteps of aggregators buying Amazon brands and scaling them up

Acquiring healthcare brands

There is a stark difference when it comes to Gravitiq, however, compared to other e-commerce aggregators. With the help of a lawyer and some doctors, who actually co-founded Gravitiq, the company hopes to acquire and upmarket healthcare brands.

This is particularly valuable, as the healthcare professionals in the group are well aware of how to push healthcare products. Having done it themselves during 2016. This new idea involving Amazon businesses, however, came about when one of the members was in a hotel to quarantine. 

Streamlined Scaling

The specialisms of the group help potential Amazon brands feel far more comfortable. Naturally, if you’re selling a product to do with healthcare, you’d know you’re leaving it in the good hands of a doctor when selling to an aggregator specifically in that field.

Another benefit was being able to buy brands all in the same sector, which results in cushier scaling. For example, marketing techniques would be easier to aim towards the same category of customers, rather than having to create strategies within various niches. 

If you’re a healthcare brand and looking to sell your Amazon business, Gravitiq may be the company you’ve been searching for. Some of the product areas they’re on the hunt for include vitamins and supplements, baby products, wellness goods, and of course, first aid. 

Can I sell my Amazon business?

So, if you’re sitting at home wondering, “can I sell my Amazon business?”… There are plenty of Amazon aggregators keen on getting involved, just like Gravitiq. The best part is that the ball is in your court. These Amazon aggregators need your Amazon business, otherwise, they’d have nothing to upscale. 

Remember, it’s best not to be too eager and settle for the first Amazon aggregator that comes knocking at your door. Use our Amazon Aggregators comparison tool to see what best fits you and your brand. It takes as little as two minutes!

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