What is an Amazon FBA aggregator?

Amazon aggregators are businesses that acquire and consolidate smaller 3rd party brands selling on Amazon and Shopify.

The idea is simple:

Buy up (or aggregate) multiple Amazon FBA businesses, with the intention of either flipping them after a few years or holding out for an IPO.


Because one combined (or aggregated) business generating, say, $30m in annual revenue is worth considerably more than 30 smaller businesses generating $1m each in annual revenue.

Ultimately, it’s a numbers game.

And it is for this reason that so many investors have entered the aggregator space in recent years.

In fact, based on our research, there are now over 150 companies worldwide that fall into the Amazon aggregator category.

Each one is actively raising finance and competing against other aggregators to acquire smaller FBA and Shopify brands, just like yours.

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