How long am I expected to stay on for, post sale?

As with most things when selling your Amazon FBA business:

The length of time you stay with the brand, after the completion of your deal, is entirely dependent on a number of factors.

The timescales, therefore, are hard to predict.

With that being said:

The majority of Amazon aggregators will expect you to commit to a minimum of (say) 50 hours post-closing, to help with the core migration activities.

Beyond that:

If part of your deal includes a considerable ‘earn-out‘, you may wish to stay on longer to protect your interests, financially.

And you would be well within your rights to insist on this.

As an example:

You could agree to a reduced number of hours per month over a 3-6 month period.

This will allow you to step back from day to day operations whilst still contributing to the future of the company you have created.

All in all, whatever period is agreed upon, this needs to be stated clearly within the terms and conditions of your contract with the buyer.

And remember:

You can only sell your business once, so make sure you do it right.

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