It has not been my best 12 months, should I wait?

Let’s be honest:

It’s pretty tough out there at the moment.

To take a wild guess, I’m going to say that some (if not all) of the following issues have adversely affected your FBA business over the past year:

Amazon restock limits
Rising shipping costs
Product compliance
Organic search issues
Crazy costs per click
Overseas competitors
Compulsory insurance
Rising storage costs
Brexit (import checks)
Covid (staff shortages)

Plus many (many) more.

Simply put:

Your rolling 12 months financials are not as rosy as they could be.

Frustrating isn’t it?

Yes, but all is not lost.

In fact:

When it comes to selling your Amazon business, it’s more important to exit when the timing is right for the buyer, not the seller.

Let me explain.

Most Amazon aggregators use debt financing to fund their acquisitions.

In other words, money is released to them on the premise of buying companies. And crucially, aggregators must spend that money within a certain period of time.

This is great news for sellers.


Because aggregators are willing to give valuations based on what your 12-month profitability would have been (without the macro economic issues) or, for certain brands, what you forecast it to be.

Sound silly? It’s not.

So rather than waiting for the perfect set of 12-month financials (and letting Amazon send you loopy in the process), your time is better spent finding a buyer today.

Bottom line:

The window of opportunity is closing with many of your ‘mom and pop’ competitors having already sold up.

In fact, picture this.

In 6-12 months’ time, it’s quite possible that the first page of Amazon will be made up of brands owned by large multi-national aggregators with hundreds of specialist staff and (very) deep marketing budgets.


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